Born as a man, everyone seeks a pleasurable life at first and a valuable life subsequently. The value of life is determined by the amount of virtues one possesses and the expression of the virtues through actions. The utmost virtue in the modern scenario is obtained through education. Education shapes a soft child into a sturdy man with all required social skills and traits. It sharpens one’s knowledge, personality and skills and traits. It builds up one’s positive attitude and retains one to be joyful and successful forever. It enhances one’s social status, health, wealth, and harmonious living. Besides the individual-pleasure, education and the educated persons construct a healthy and civilized society wherein their part and role in developing the country is limitless. Like a coin, education has twofold benefits for both; the individual and the country. Realizing the crucial demand and significance of education,   DMHSS aims at offering quality education for all to go ahead in the life and grab glory and peace.  We aim at making leaders who can build the harmonious nation and lead it to the pinnacle of victory. With the noble objectives, DMHSS has been tirelessly exerting to produce excellent students who are the supportive pillars of the future nation.  Our school guarantees noble personalities more than mere academicians.  Practicing in real life context what the students learn through subjects is an additional feather in our crown. We teach Tamil, English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Science and Technology, Information Technology, Physical Science, Biological Science, Chemistry, Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Computer Science, General Knowledge, and Value Education all through selected books from prominent publishers such as; Oxford and Cambridge. With the patronage of our dedicated and experienced teachers, we continually take efforts to  produce cent percent results in X, XI and XII Public examinations.  To sharpen the latent talent of our students,  we start school at 8.45 a.m and retain the X,XI, and XII students upto 5.p.m in the evening offering specially designed  coaching to all sorts of students to promote them from their actual plateau to the next plateau. Courses offered for XI and XII

Group 1 :

Tamil, English , Mathematics , Physics , Chemistry , Biology
Group 2 : Tamil, English , Mathematics , Physics , Chemistry , Computer Science.  
Group 3 : Tamil, English , Commerce, Accountancy , , Economics , Computer Science/ Computer Application  
ACADEMIC RULES The pupils are expected to adhere to the rules  laid down by the school.
  • Late coming is strictly prohibited , Late attendance entries are to be acknowledged by the parents.
  • Wearing gold ornaments and expensive watches must be avoided .
  • Money transactions are strictly prohibited among students .
  • Students are not permitted to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the principal.
  • School property should be protected, respected and maintained properly.
  • Students are allowed to converse only in English except in language classes.
  • Government declared holidays will be holidays and the school will remain closed. Phone calls will not be entertained on these days at any cost.
  • Dressing properly is a must.
  • Belt, ID Card and shoes must be worn.
  • The Hair style of the boys must be trimmed decently.
  • Home work must be done regularly.
  • Leave letters must be given prior to the day of leave for reasons already known.
  • Cell phones , power driven two wheelers and colour dresses will not be entertained.