Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. --Nelson Mandela Amidst the chirping of birds from the lush green trees which surrounded by gentle breeze round the block, when I step down the corridors of the school every day, I can hear the rhythmic voices of the future nation, the poetry of dance, and the excitement of learners. The tranquil environment prevails in the premises of DMHSS round the year. Sitting in the gifted environment, monitoring the learners is a gift bestowed upon me. My soul and heart overflow with the joyful learning of the students. The learning, not merely academics, engrosses individualism, creativity, and innovation transcending the learning from the messages of the books. How happy I am here! I am profoundly elated to articulate that we stick to our motto, ‘the school that cares’. Ours is not just a school to offer academic courses. Ours is a haven to ensure students’ overall personality, their mental and physical growth along with emotional and intellectual growth. The care that we shower upon our students empowers them to develop their analytical trait, self-estimation, confidence, everlasting energy, individuality, and creativity and as a result they prepare them for the task of safe guarding the basic values of love, justice, brotherhood and human dignity. The outcome of our care reflects in the real life where they enter into the real world and face the world with dignity, honesty, integrity, patience, self-esteem and self-confidence. We cherish for our accomplishment of preparing young citizens to create a harmonious world and to survive in the existing society that rapidly changes itself. Our satisfaction mostly lies in imparting the academic and non-academic courses of instruction with great emphasis on learner-centre methods of teaching with the help of well-designed curriculum that prepares a child to adapt to the changing world. We tirelessly exert our mission taking our utmost effort to make the child feel at ease in learning process. Joyful learning and meaningful life is what we aspire forever.

Hoping for a prosperous future of our children and the nation,

Yours in the cause of education,