The school was started by Periyar Perunthondar Mr. P. Devasakayam in the year 1983 at Pasumalai. It began its mission humbly with 18 students and three teachers, aimed with a vision of providing education to the less privileged children of the society. Presently, it has evolved into a full-fledged and prominent institution with many hundred students and dedicated and skilled teachers. The school is situated in a tranquil atmosphere of ten acres expanse on the top of Pasumalai hillock. Very spaciously naturally ventilated and well-furnished classrooms ensure learning to be more fun and joy. Mr. D. Edison Raja, Correspondent and Secretary of the school, a man of commitment and devotion, is untiringly taking effort to make education a tool for every child to make their career a success story. Mr. E. Selva Periyar, Treasurer is dynamically engaged in assisting the administration of the school. Vision of the School The school not only ensures academic excellence of the students but also carries a vision to make our students aware of their important roles and to prepare them for the task of safe guarding the basic values of love, justice, brotherhood and human dignity. It also aims in instilling in the youth of today a deeper meaning and value of life.


To provide quality education that develops the comprehensive personality of a child who can be capable of transferring the world of conflict into a world of enriched tranquility and harmony. Each one of the children must own the trait of safe guarding the basic values of love, justice, brotherhood and human dignity. Besides, the quality of life of the children must improve socially, economically and culturally.


The entire world and the society in which the children belong must be prosperous and harmonious. Each child ought to extend selfless service to the society and be part of a complement to each other in progress, prosperity, love, discipline and establishing equity and equality in all walks of life.  Shaping a human being for such an ideal world is the vision of DMHSS.