"Sports teach us that it is good to compete, good to achieve, good to sweat, good to get dirty and tired and feel fit, fine and refreshed."                                                                                                 -Martina Navratilova   Sports for us are a platform to develop students’ physical fitness, organic efficiency, physical and mental strength and bring out latent skills in curricular activities. In addition, sports develop knowledge of the requirements of healthy living, knowledge of a physical poise, and knowledge of sparing leisure time with useful activities and create opportunities to develop sportsmanship realizing that triumph and disaster is feasible in life and must be treated both the same. All sports activities are conducted under the supervision of qualified coaches of state and National repute. From time to time the school children regularly participate in District and State level events and win rewards for the school.    

House Contingent

To promote healthy competitions, students are divided into four houses named after the splendid virtues; Green (ஒற்றுமை), Yellow (வாய்மை), Red (பொறுமை) and Blue (நேர்மை). These house systems are formed to lead the students to a spontaneous and whole-hearted involvement in competitions of games. The innovative house system strengthens the sense of identity and belonging which ultimately develop the nobler aspects of devotion, co-operation and team spirit of the students.


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